Friday, September 21, 2018

Escape to Gasparilla Island

Gasparilla Lighthouse
Gasparilla Lighthouse

Located on white sandy shores off the azure waters of the Gulf Coast, Gasparilla Island is an ideal escape. The two Lighthouses offer much to explore. 

The Port Boca Grande Lighthouse was built in  1880. It has a museum, restrooms  and a chapel nearby. 

The Historic Gasparilla  Lighthouse was built in 1881 as the Delaware Breakwater Rear Range Light in Lewes, Delaware. In 1921 it was disassembled and transported to Florida. After a delay due to funding, the Lighthouse was reassembled in 1927 and installed on Gasparilla Island. 

You’ll find a pristine shoreline, cabanas and a walkway near the lighthouse. 

The Historic Gasparilla Lighthouse is being restored by the Barrier Island Parks Society.

For information on how to help with restoration efforts and visiting the lighthouse check out Gasparilla Lighthouse

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